About Us

UP Paper LLC is a producer of natural (unbleached) kraft paper for packaging applications made from 100 percent recycled fiber.

UP Paper was formed to operate the former Manistique Papers mill in Manistique, Michigan. The ownership group is comprised of several entrepreneurs with ties to the Manistique area.

UP Paper began production in June 2016 with a focus exclusively on the growing market for natural kraft packaging paper. We operate a single paper machine with capacity of up to 120,000 tons.

Mill Location and History

The Mill is located on 99 acres in Manistique, Michigan on the northern shore of Lake Michigan and has been manufacturing paper since 1920.

The Mill has a long history of innovation with recycled fiber, using recycled fiber beginning in 1959, moving to 100% recycled fiber in the 1980s, becoming the first to produce super high bright recycled paper in the mid 2000s and converting to packaging grades from 2011-2016.

Overview of Operations

The paper machine is a Voith Duo-former, which was installed in 1986 with a new headbox installed in 2007.

  • The machine features a wire width of 165 inches and a maximum trim of 146 inches
  • The machine has a maximum speed of 4,150 feet per minute (fpm)
  • Pulpmill capacity is 500 tons per day (tons per day)

Completed New Capital Project

UP Paper is pleased to announce the start up of our most recent capital project!  On March 13, 2020, we commissioned our newest thin stock refiner.  This significant financial investment aids UP Paper in catapulting to the top of the quality ladder in the 100% recycled natural kraft market.

We thank our employees, contractors and investors.  But most of all, we thank YOU, our customers!!

Contact us to see how we can help you meet and exceed your end-user’s expectations!